Financial Fitness Coaching




Level: Open to all

Equipment: None

Duration: 45 minutes 


Understanding your finances shouldn’t be a taboo subject. Join our Financial expert to learn how to manage your finances in an efficient and sustainable way.  

Why we think you’ll love it:

  • Effective budgeting 
  • Short term and long term money saving tips  
  • Understanding how emotions play a role in our money management

Gather your team for a 45mins work break led by a Financial Coach and Consultant. The session will improve knowledge and understanding around the topic of personal finance. 

Please note these workshops are designed to educate rather than advise participants on financial choices. This coaching is never based on selling or recommending any financial product or service. Rather it’s about giving people the tools to think differently about money and help them make their own decisions.

About the speaker

Hi, I’m Kristen, a financial coach & consultant who specializes in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs with both their business and personal financial life. I help to strengthen money management skills, eliminate debt, create cash flow systems to maximize profit, and educate owners and their families on personal finance matters to ultimately build wealth.  By developing specific action plans that are tailored to each client’s needs, values and goals, it allows them to live and retire in ways they only thought they could dream of. I believe that it’s nearly impossible for a business owner to completely separate their business and personal life, regardless of entity, and that both need to be running at optimum levels financially to create the ultimate life and financial freedom.


The session is broadcast live on the Reaction app

Session duration: 45mins 


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