Improve morale, team bonding, and wellbeing in just a few clicks

The Reaction Club app automates team-building and motivates participants to engage in activities through an immersive gamified experience. Simply invite members to join and let the app do the rest.


Designed to encourage interaction among members, our challenges will reward members for achieving their daily goals, sharing their progress, and motivating others. 


Create a healthy competition between teams, departments, and offices, motivating them to collaborate, and support each other.

Wellbeing programs

Expert coaching in nutrition, movement, stress reduction, and financial well-being is at your team members’ fingertips.

Effortlessly Manage Onsite and Virtual Team-Building Events


By attending on-site or online team-bonding activities, participants can earn points (redeemable for rewards), which makes it easy for you to boost participation and engagement.

Branded stickers

Team members can share photos and add company-branded stickers to their posts. This helps employees earn more points for rewards and also promotes a positive company culture.

Groups & communities

When members select programs and add activities, the app will group them into interest-based communities, fostering interactions and connections among members with similar interests


The app’s automated points and rewards system incentivizes members to achieve goals, share progress, and support colleagues, promoting engagement and collaboration.

Real coach

We know that as a team leader you have a lot on your plate, so we provide a coach to lead your team-building and wellbeing efforts and ensure that participants stay engaged. Our unique tech and touch approach sets us apart from other solutions and is the key to our success.

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